Coding for finance and banking

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Coding for finance and banking

Learn enough to be dangerous. The FinTech revolution is just beginning.

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See how quickly you can build a financial application and have fun doing it. This hands on workshop prepares you for the increase in technology skills your career and company are requiring. Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things and other emerging technologies are currently impacting the finance world through FinTech startups and internal innovation initiatives.


  • Do you work in a finance, banking, insurance or similar company?
  • Do you have ideas for applications to make your work easier or help clients faster?
  • Do you use spreadsheets in your work or even paper forms?
  • Do you realise that understanding more about what is possible with technology will supercharge your career and give you an edge at work?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, this course is what you are looking for.


  • build a financial web application and be inspired to learn more
  • be excited by the possibilities Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence can bring to the finance and banking industry
  • feel comfortable talking about the potential of technology with clients and developers
  • understand how coding will help you in your career and your work
  • be able to design and build a web page using HTML, CSS and modern, open source frameworks like Bootstrap
  • have played with raw code to understand the five programming fundamental concepts


# Module Details
Day 01
1. The future is now Learn how emerging technology (artificial intelligence, blockchain and IoT) is impacting the finance and banking world.
2. Web design Build a web page with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
Lunch break
3. Coding fundamentals Learn the five basic concepts and use developer tools.
Tea break
5. Build a finance or banking web application After learning all the fundamentals on day one, you bring all that together to create an application from idea to launch.

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