Digital Education & Services

# Forward thinking

Do you need help bringing innovation into your daily life?
Let us work with you to make technology a part of everything you do.

# Entrepreneurship

Digital Product Design

Experienced product designers work with you to create your MVP. Using human-centered design, Lean and Agile processes, see your ideas come to life.

You'll enjoy working with us. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, we have tools and systems in place for a successful collaborative relationship.

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# Projects

Product Management

Reduce the risk of managing your own development projects. Our team of experience and talented developers will deliver to your specifications and expectations.

We manage the process from design to launch and ongoing management — giving you peace of mind.

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# Training

Innovation education

Digital Intelligence Institute works with global companies such as KPMG to deliver onsite training, empowering your teams to cultivate a self-sustaining innovation culture.

We'd love to tell you more. Please get in touch to organise a briefing on our programs.

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# Skilling up youth

School Tours

Our school tour programs include coding education alongside cultural and tech scene exposure.

Students have the opportunity to learn coding and build their own website to document their adventure.

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# Career exploration

Gap year programs

Most high school and university leavers are looking for a life sculpting experience that gives them a great kick start to their career.

Partipants learn to code and are given the opportunity to pass on those skills to disadvantaged kids.

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# Consulting

Innovation programs

What systems and tools need to be implemented at your organisation to bring about self-perpetuating innovation?

Digital Intelligence Institute can assist with short or long term programs to make your organisation future proof.

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