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Idea vs Execution

At Digital intelligence we love working with people with good ideas. From working with governments, the UN, startup founders and a variety of businesses we have perfected our process to the point where we see ourselves as digital guides. We guide people with a vision for a successful digital product through the journey towards success.

Design is at the core of what we do at Digital Intelligence. It makes the difference between a good product and a great product. It enhances the execution and will achieve better results. We pride ourselves in delivering quality digital products in whatever platform is required. Strategising with clients offering our advice every step of the way. Using our extensive technical knowledge and experience we make developing your digital product to the highest quality our number 1 priority.

"To me, ideas are worth nothing unless executed. They are just a multiplier. Execution is worth millions."
~ Steve Jobs

Digital Services

DI uses the latest technologies to develop mobile apps, web apps & blockchain solutions. We have the capacity to do just about anything involved with technology. Development, digital strategy, digital marketing, you name it we can probably do it. We are digital professionals. DI truly enjoys bringing people's ideas to life. It's what we are most passionate about and is why we do what we do.

We love working with large, foward thinking organisations who invest in upskilling their staff. We help with innovation days like hackathons and offer a range of courses that are tailored to increasing innovation through technical education.

DI works with governments internationally creating programs and digital products for various government departments. Checkout some of what DI has been working on. See the tools and processes we have used for clients like the United Nations, ITU and various tech startups we have been working with!

  • Web and Mobile Application Development

    DI consults with organisations and startup founders to develop web and mobile applications. Working with the latest frameworks to rapidly develop these digital products. Some of the frameworks we use to develop web applications and hybrid native applications are:

    • Ruby on Rails
    • React
    • React Native
    • Ionic
    • Angular
    • Laravel

  • Digital Product Design

    Our team loves thinking about integrated systems and how best to simplify it for the User. We love identifying the core problem your idea is trying to solve.

    Using Lean startup methodologies and human centred design principles, we create elegant user experiences that revolve around the core solution your product offers. This makes your life easier as a business own. Your product becomes easier to manage and great design always results in more customers.

  • Inovation and Entrepreneurship Training

    Here at DI, we are passionate about making a difference. Thats why we have been working with the International Telecommunications Union section of the United Nations delivering innovation and entrepreneurship training in a number of developing countries in Asia Pacific.

    DI has been working with various governments departments, providing them with digital education and development. Like the department of Agriculture in Sri Lanka and the Bangladesh government working to empower rural women with technology & entrepreneurship. DI are now developing innovation and entrepreneurship training that will be delivered to countries all over Asia Pacific in partnership with ITU.

    Learn . Share . Inspire

  • Hackathon Support & Corporate Innovation Training

    Companies are being disrupted in every industry. No longer can they sit by and expect to be around if they don't keep up with technology advancements. DI offers a number of educational services to medium and large companies, helping prepare them to become an organisation ready for the future. Some of these educational services include:

    • Technical Innovation Workshops - These short masterclasses expose staff to future technologies like coding, AI and blockchain
    • Hackathon Support - where we supply experienced developers to help hackathon teams develop innovative products
    • Corporate Intrapreneur Training - DI delivers longer more organisation specific training in modern software tools increase technical capabilities of staff leading to organisational innovation

  • Digital Strategy & Marketing

    In this day and age if you don't have a digital strategy for your business you are going to be left behind by someone who does. DI works with clients to develop a digital strategy & marketing plan that is tailored to the organisations needs. Some of the areas we consult with clients offering our advice are:

    • Social media marketing
    • Google adwords & SEO
    • Digital Marketing plans
    • Execution Strategy

  • YogaHive

    YogaHive are one of our development clients that we have been working with. After working with developers who weren't able to execute the system for over 2 years. They came to us and we designed, developed and deployed the MVP in 12 weeks.

    YogaHive is basically the Airbnb of yoga. YogaHive maps all the yoga studios in Australia, where users can book classes via studio or yogahive passes. The platform was developed in Ruby on Rails, with the plan to move to React on Rails with React Native to make it compatible for Android and IOS apps.

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