Internet Entrepreneurship

# Two week course

Would you like to be earning money online?

This two week intensive course gives you the knowledge, skills and experience to start your own online businesses. Yes, businesses plural! Why stop at one?

There are so many opportunities for you if you have the right skills.

Over 10 fun days, learn while you build your own website and online store.

Is this for you?

If you've been looking for ways to make extra money, or build an internet empire, this course is for you.

It doesn't matter if you've never done coding before. As long as you can use a computer, a browser and can type at a reasonable speed you can succeed at this course.

This course is delivered in the English language.


  • Build a business website
  • Build an ecommerce story using Shopify
  • Create social media profiles for an organisation
  • Create multimedia content for a website and social media profiles
  • Grow an engaged audience on social media
  • Develop a digital marketing strategy for an organisation
  • Design a digital product
  • Setup tools that help to manage and grow an online business
  • Setup tools and services that provide data that helps to optimise websites and digital products


# Module Details
1. Opportunities in online business, strategy session Find out about the different income generating opportunities available to you on the internet.
2. Digital product design, design thinking Solving problems with technology. Follow user-centered design principles to create successful solutions.
3. Designing user experiences and interfaces Use modern design processes to appeal to your target market.
4. Multimedia and written content production Copywriting, blog post writing, photo, video and audio production.
5. Website design and development Learn HTML and CSS. Build a business website with Bootstrap and themes.
6. Customer relationship management (CRM) and lead management Learn to use tools to manage your prospective clients.
7. Website publishing, optimising, SEO. Publish your business website, setup tools to help you optimise it.
8. Digital marketing strategy Use social media, email and search engine marketing to grow and engage your audience.
9. Ecommerce and selling goods online Set up your own Shopify store and be ready to sell online.
10. Growing your online businesses The secrets to continue to grow your online businesses to gain financial security.

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