Free coding workshop

# 3 hour workshop

Anyone can do it and it's fun!

Get started with coding — It's more fun than you think. This empowering skill can help you to advance your career, launch your own startup, or simply build applications for fun.

Is this for you?

If you want to learn more about how technology works and be ready for new opportunities, this workshop is for you.

This course is suitable for beginners. No prior knowledge is required. A general level of comfort using a computer and web browser is expected.


During this course, you'll learn how to —

  • Build a web page with HTML & CSS
  • Create a simple chatbot with the Ruby programming language
  • See a demonstration of the web application development framework: Ruby on Rails
  • Learn about developer tools and software


# Module Details
1. Tech terminology Learn tech terms you probably hear all the time but not really sure what they mean.
2. Web design with HTML & CSS Learn how web pages are created using HTML and CSS.
3. Build a chatbot Build a simple chatbot while you learn the 5 fundamentals of programming.
4. Ruby on Rails demonstration Watch the teacher build an app just like Instagram in just a few minutes.