Introduction to Digital Product Design & Development

# Five weeks part time

Become a digital product manager or tech startup entrepreneur

Learn how to design, build and launch powerful web applications like Airbnb, eBay or Facebook. Even if you've never programmed before!

Starting with basic Ruby, you will become confident creating terminal applications while learning about object oriented programming concepts.

You'll then learn the web app development framework, Ruby on Rails by building simple applications.

Another important aspect covered is the application design process which includes user interface (UI) design, user experience (UX) design and database design.

Is this for you?

Learning the skills in this part time course will give you the confidence to go on and continue learning on your own or take the advanced course.

Whether you want to be a product manager that helps others design and deliver digital products or a tech startup entrepreneur, this course will help you on your journey.

Basic Web design (HTML, CSS) skills are required and the course is presented in the English language.


  • Learn the popular Ruby language (great for beginners)
  • Learn about databases and their vital role in applications
  • Learn how to design an application using best practice tools and processes
  • Learn how to build web applications fast with Ruby on Rails
  • Become confident with the tools and skills required to continue your learning journey


# Module Details
1. Object Oriented Programming with Ruby Create multiple Ruby programs that help you become confident with OOP concepts.
2. Intro to Ruby on Rails Get started with one of the world's most popular web development frameworks. Using open source tools, add functionality quickly and easily.
3. Digital product design, database design, product management. Use modern design processes to create a successful application. Understand how data drives your application and its functionality.
4. Rails the "hard way", deployment After breaking down Rails to help develop your understanding, learn how to deploy applications to the web.
5. Build a tech startup From idea to launch, build a tech startup in a day!