Coding Skills for a Better Life

# One day workshop

Will learning to code help you be more successful and live a better life?

Will learning to code help you live a better life? You don't need to become a programmer. Understanding some technology concepts and being able to talk to a computer will give you an advantage in life.

This one day intensive workshop gives you hands on experience with developer tools while creating a web page, a chatbot and a Facebook clone.

Begin to understand what is really possible with technology and be inspired to learn more.

Is this for you?

Even if you've never learned coding before, you can do this course.

English language is used to teach this workshop.


You will have
  • Installed developer tools and software
  • Setup you own development environment
  • Used HTML, CSS and Bootstrap to build a web page
  • Created a chatbot that asks you questions and gives responses
  • Learned the five fundamentals of programming
  • Used Ruby on Rails (a web application development framework) to build a simple version of Facebook
  • Learned about open source software (free tools) that helps you build applications fast
  • Found out about how you can continue your learning journey


# Module Details
1. Install developer tools and setup your environment Have all the free software developers use on your own laptop
2. Web design with HTML & CSS Learn how web pages are created using HTML and CSS.
3. Build a chatbot Build a simple chatbot while you learn the 5 fundamentals of programming.
4. Ruby on Rails application development Watch the teacher build an app just like Instagram in just a few minutes.
5. Opportunities in tech Find out about open source tools and pathways to learn more.

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* for people under 26 years old