Coding workshops

# anyone can do it!

Find out what coding is all about with these fun and practical workshops. Bring your laptop!

Coding skills
for a better life

# One day workshop

95 €

45 € for people under 26

Will learning to code help you be more successful and live a better life?

  • Build a web page
  • Create a chatbot
  • Build a simple Facebook
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for everyone

# 3 hour workshop


Anyone can do it and it's fun!
This is a hands on, practical workshop so bring your laptop.

  • Web design (HTML & CSS)
  • Try Ruby programming
  • Use developer tools
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Digital Business Training

# make money online!

Keep your day job while building your internet empire.


# Two week intensive

990 €

495 € for people under 26

  • Build a business website
  • Launch an online store
  • Digital marketing
  • Design a digital product
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimisation
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Digital Product Design & Development

# One week intensive + Online

490 €

295 € for people under 26

  • Object Oriented Ruby
  • Database design
  • UX design
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Build four apps
  • Build your own idea
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