Website design & development — Sydney

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This 3 week course will introduce you to HTML and CSS — the languages used to create modern webpages. You'll gain confidence in writing and editing code as you build your very own responsive website from scratch.


This course is suitable for beginners. No prior knowledge is required. A general level of comfort using a computer and web browser is expected.


During this course, you'll learn how to —

  • Design and develop your own website
  • Use HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Leverage open source tools and frameworks
  • Understand web technologies and how they work together
  • Make a website look great no matter the device being used to view it (responsive design)
  • Use wireframing tools and mockups
  • Optimise websites for search engines, usability, accessibility and speed
  • Design your site for a great user experience


Class Topic
1 Build a basic website with HTML and CSS
2 Best practices for designing for the web
3 Introduction to Bootstrap — The world's most popular front-end library
4 Design your own website using wireframing and mockup tools
5 Publish your website to the live web
6 Optimise your website for search engines

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