Digital Nomad Coding Experience — Valencia

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Bored at work?

Web developers have more fun! Kickstart your journey into tech life with this 5 day bootcamp.

Who knows where coding skills will take you or what opportunities open up for you.

Escape the 9 to 5

You've probably noticed the new trend of nomadic entrepreneurs. Hipsters building websites for international clients while living on a beach in Thailand.

Guess what? This could be you! Imagine how strong your Instagram game will be!

Give yourself the edgetm

You won't just learn HTML and CSS. You also become confident using the latest web technologies and tools. Build your own professional grade website that kicks off your online business or advances your career — no matter what industry or profession you're in.


Planning to start your own online business?

Whether you run a business or are planning to, knowing how to build and manage your own website will save you time and money. It also helps you work with developers and understand how everything works.

Want a bigger pay packet?

Having technical skills gives you new career advancement opportunities and makes you more indispensible.

Capabilities unlocked

This course is designed for people who have never done coding before. From our years of experience teaching coding, we haven't come across anyone who couldn't learn this and become good at it.


Practical outcomes

Build your own portfolio website that showcases your career highlights or creative projects.

Have all the latest tools setup and be confident using them.

Future skills

Come away with skills that will set you up no matter which career or entrepreneurial path you choose.

Experience the digital nomad life

See how it feels to live like a local in a beautiful sea side city in Spain. Imagine those after class, al-fresco vinos under a colourful summer sky.


Module Details
HTML & CSS Build a basic website with HTML and CSS
Best Practices Best practices for designing for the web
Bootstrap Introduction to Bootstrap — The world's most popular front-end library
Wireframing Design your own website using wireframing and mockup tools
Deployment Publish your website to the live web
Optimisation Optimise your website for search engines
Ecommerce Build an online store and list products for sale.

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