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Upskilling health professionals with coding skills and a greater understanding of technology has the power to change the world for everyone. Build an application that makes your work easier and patients happier.


  • Are you a nurse, doctor, administrator or health and wellness practitioner?
  • Do you have ideas for applications to make your work easier or help clients faster?
  • Do you use spreadsheets in your work or even paper forms?
  • Do you realise that understanding more about what is possible with technology will supercharge your career and give you an edge at work?

If you answered "yes" to most of these questions, this course is what you are looking for.


  • build a web application that helps patients, doctors or other health practitioners
  • feel comfortable talking about the potential of technology with clients and developers
  • see new ways technology can improve patient outcomes
  • be inspired by the possibilities Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies can bring to the medical and health industries
  • understand how coding will help you in your career and with your work
  • be able to design and build a web page using HTML, CSS and modern design libraries like Bootstrap
  • have played with raw code to understand the five programming fundamental concepts
  • know the "Application Design Process" and be able to work through it from ideation to launch


# Module Details
Day 01
1. The future is now An introduction to emerging technology and how artificial intelligence is helping medical professionals be better at their jobs and improve patient outcomes.
2. Web design Build a web page with HTML, CSS and Bootstrap.
Lunch break
3. Coding fundamentals Learn the five basic concepts and use developer tools.
Tea break
4. Web application development frameworks Use Ruby on Rails to instantly create an application.
5. Build an app After learning all the fundamentals on day one, you bring all that together to create an application from idea to launch.

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