Digital Nomad Coding Bootcamp — Valencia

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Experience the world

Start your journey to becoming a digital nomad the right way by learning to code in Valencia.

If your dream is to live in different countries and do creative work for international clients, this bootcamp will give you the skills you need to achieve it.

Join the nomad network

Be a part of the global nomad ecosystem. Meet new and interesting people, learn valuable skills and make a difference in the world. You can do it on your own, but if you're not sure how to get started, let us guide you with this 3 week bootcamp.

Application design, coding and generating income online.

You'll become a confident web developer and coder, learn how to follow our application design process and write proposals to secure the freelance jobs you want. There are many ways you can create streams of online income and we will teach you how.


Don't want to be stuck in a rut? Is your wanderlust nagging you?

If you don't have a family tying you down just yet, take the opportunity to get out and explore the best the world has to offer. Not only will you have a great time, you'll grow as a person and open yourself up to new opportunities.

Want to explore your creative side?

Learning how technology works will stimulate your creativity and expose you to new ways to solve problems in your community and the world.

No experience with coding? That's ok!

This course is designed for people who have never done coding before. From our years of experience teaching coding, we haven't come across anyone who couldn't learn this and become good at it. You will learn so much in this bootcamp and you'll have more fun that you dare to hope for.


Practical outcomes

Build your own professional, dynamic, portfolio website that showcases your career highlights and creative projects.

Have all the latest tools setup and be confident using them.

Design and code web applications for small businesses or your own tech startup.

Learn about all the amazing online services that help you earn good money while being location independent.

Valuable skills

The skills you learn at Digital Intelligence give you a golden ticket to earn a very high hourly rate. In this world of technological change and advancement, you will be able to charge a premium for your services.

Experience the digital nomad life

See how it feels to live like a local in a beautiful sea side city in Spain. Imagine those after class, al-fresco vinos under a colourful summer sky.


Week One
HTML & CSS Build a basic website with HTML and CSS
Best practices Best practices for designing for the web
Bootstrap Introduction to Bootstrap — The world's most popular front-end library
Wireframing Design your own website using wireframing and mockup tools
Deployment Publish your website to the live web
Optimisation Optimise your website for search engines
Week Two
Coding fundamentals Learn to code with Object Oriented Ruby. A developer friendly language.
Web application development Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular web application development frameworks.
Database theory and design Know how to design the database backend for web applications.
Application Design Process Design thinking, UX design, product management and Agile methodology.
Week Three
Advanced Ruby on Rails Build a complex web application that involves online payments, API integration and much more
Coder skills Use the latest online coding resources like Github, Heroku, DNS management.
Application optimisation Understand how to optimise web applications for SEO, customer conversion and analytics.
Digital nomad skills Proposal writing, creating multiple streams of online income, schedule management and much more.

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