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DI Codecamp

A three week, immersive full time course to supercharge your technology skills.

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Monday - Friday,
10:00am — 5:00pm
12th Feb 2018 — 2nd Mar 2018


Sydney (Redfern)
2 Locomotive Street, Eveleigh NSW 2015 [See Location]


Payment plans available
Reserve your place for $100

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Combine the Web Design Bootcamp and Web App Developer Bootcamp to become a confident coder, able to build any application you want.


If you want to supercharge your career or work on your own startup, this code camp will deliver the skills and knowledge you need.


During this course, you'll learn how to —

  • Design and develop your own website
  • Use HTML, CSS and Bootstrap
  • Leverage open source tools and frameworks
  • Understand web technologies and how they work together
  • Make a website look great no matter the device being used to view it (responsive design)
  • Use wireframing tools and mockups
  • Optimise websites for search engines, usability, accessibility and speed
  • Design your site for a great user experience
  • Build a two-sided marketplace web application (like Airbnb or Gumtree) while learning coding fundamentals and intermediate concepts.
  • Be confident using modern developer tools, frameworks and methodologies
  • Be confident designing applications using UX principles
  • Use our application design process to know how to build any application from idea stage through to launch
  • Design database structures for web applications
  • Be able to solve any technology challenge by finding and accessing available resources
  • Be able to deploy and optimise your web application using cloud services


Module Details
HTML & CSS Build a basic website with HTML and CSS
Best Practices Best practices for designing for the web
Bootstrap Introduction to Bootstrap — The world's most popular front-end library
Wireframing Design your own website using wireframing and mockup tools
Deployment Publish your website to the live web
Optimisation Optimise your website for search engines
Object Oriented programming with Ruby Become confident designing and building object oriented programs with Ruby with developer tools — terminal and code editor
Database design and leveraging open source software Learn about the benefits of different database systems
Design a database structure for applications
Leverage open source software and use Ruby gems
Introduction to web applications Understand the value of web application development frameworks
Build your first web application
Install and setup Ruby on Rails
Foundations of Ruby on Rails development Become familiar with the popular Model View Controller software design pattern Learn the anatomy of a Rails web application
Build a two sided marketplace web application You will be guided through a coding journey building a twosided market place in Ruby on Rails. Gaining the skills needed to develop your own in the process!
Build your own web application With continued master classes in app optimisation, deployment, analytics, you will begin to design and develop your own web application MVP

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