Bitcoin Basics — Sydney

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You've probably read many articles about Bitcoin and still struggle to really understand what it's all about. You're not alone.

This workshop's purpose is to explain in simple, everyday language what Bitcoin is, how it works and how you can take advantage of the growing opportunities in this space.

Yes, the main cryptocurrencies are exploding in value right now and that's largely because of the hype that the media coverage causes. You might be suffering from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) but don't despair, it is still early days of the crypto industry. And you can still be a part of it.


This workshop is aimed at the complete novice. All big words and jargon will be explained in terms you can understand.

If you're curious about how Bitcoin works and how you can benefit from getting invovled, this workshop is for you.


  • Be able to confidently explain Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to your friends
  • Be able to buy Bitcoin and set up your digital wallet
  • Know how to keep up to date with the latest Bitcoin news
  • Understand cryptocurrency mining and other ways to profit from the industry
  • Know how to be safe and secure with your data and coins. (Don't get hacked)
  • Find out how to learn more


Module Details
Bitcoin explained From its history to how it works and the future of bitcoin.
Other cryptocurrencies What's Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple all about?
Other usecases of Blockchain Learn how Blockchain technologies are finding their way into organisations
Buying bitcoin Learn how to buy, store, trade and sell bitcoin. Also learn what not to do!
Profiting from Bitcoin There is more than just mining and trading to profiting from Bitcoin.

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