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Digital Intelligence coding courses are for everyone

Whether you've never coded before, or you have dabbled with online tutorials, you will find our courses are what you've been looking for.

Coding for beginners is our specialty

We use everyday language to explain the concepts and understand that it can be daunting to learn something new.

We recognise that not every programmer is automatically a good teacher. In fact it is rare to find developers who can communicate in a way that makes it an enjoyable experience for students.

That's why at Digital Intelligence, we only hire teachers who have been through our courses and can make classes fun for everyone.

People learn to code for all sorts of reasons

Some want to become a tech startup entrepreneur and realise they need to understand how it all works for the best chance at success. They also can't afford to pay a developer, struggle to find a technical co-founder and are scared of engaging an offshore team without knowing how to ask for what they want.

Some people work with developers in their jobs and know that learning how to code will help them greatly. Not only will it help them communicate better with technical people, it makes their jobs easier and means they can move into a more technical role if they choose.

Some students are already in technology roles and may even have studied computer science at university. However they get stuck in roles where they are consultants or project managers and they want to be doing more creative activities.

Online vs Face-to-face vs Blended

We're big fans of face-to-face and blended learning here at Digital Intelligence. While some people can teach themselves using online tutorials and resources, we find most people struggle to make progress.

Most our students have tried online tutorials but get frustrated with not being able to fix errors or apply what they're learning to create their own application. Some people spend months or years trying to make progress on their own, but then come to a Digital Intelligence course and become a confident coder in a matter of weeks.

Face-to-face classes provide a supportive and social environment that is condusive to fast learning of advanced concepts. Scheduled classes also give you a consistent, regular time each week where you're focused on coding.

And then we bring in the blended model of teaching where you have class materials and resources available in an online platform. Students access this during class and to help them continue learning at home. There are tools that enable communication and support amongst the other students and with the teachers too.

Join the community of coders

Your class becomes like one, big happy family. You'll remain friends long after the course has finished and keep in touch to see what everyone is doing with their new skills. Our class reunion events are held every year and are a great way to catch up with your classmates.