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Women in Digital Mentorship Program

Connecting Australian women in the technology industry to women from rural areas of Bangladesh, just starting their careers.


1 Women in Bangladesh now have access to ICT education through initiatives like the Women In Digital program. However there is a need for women role models in the ICT profession and industry.

2 The women in the Women in Digital program have aspirations to become tech entrepreneurs or ICT industry leaders. It has been challenging for them to foster a network of women in other countries who have progressed in their careers and can share their wisdom and experience.

3 Women in Australia’s startup and tech community are looking to make positive change in the world through improving the gender balance and opportunities for women in developing countries.

About Women in Digital

Women in Digital is a Bangladeshi initiative and social enterprise that has created programs to help rural and underpriveleged women by providing access to digital education and careers.

The aim of Women in Digital is to create a network for women to help them engage with all creative sectors by improving their skills and encourage more women to utilize their capacity in IT industries and become economically and socially independent.

Making the impossible, possible.

Their vision and mission is to empower womens across Bangladesh through ICT and inspire the womenfolk to make their 'impossible' dreams become possible.

Digital production and marketing, game design and development, software development, mobile and web applications are just some of the products and services Women in Digital provides to companies around the world.

Successful initiatives

And not to forget, more than hundred campus and community leads are working for the cause diligently. Women in E-Commerce, SheforHe, Women Entrepreneur development, Leadership development, Digital Innovation Challenge for Women 2016 are some of the successful initiatives.

The Mentorship Program

The mentorship program connects Australian women with aspiring technology professionals in Bangladesh who are undertaking the Women in Digital program.

The Bangladeshi women have come from rural areas to undertake technology training and start work. You can make their journey easier by providing advice, guidance and support.

How it works

After being selected as a mentor, you will be introduced to your mentee through a Skype call. You can then organise the schedule of your ongoing calls.

Typically, the mentorship relationship lasts for one year so you are able to be a part of the mentee's growth and development over a substantial amount of time.

A certificate is awarded to the mentee and mentor at the conclusion of the program.

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