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Fall in love with Valencia

Hi-tech architecture meets old world charm

Perched on the Costa del Azahar (the orange blossom coast), Valencia is the third largest city in Spain. It is a bustling port city of an urban population of more than 1.5 million people and has close links to Ibiza, Barcelona and Madrid.

Friendly locals, amazing architecture and an old-world charm are all responsible for the growing tech scene and digital nomad community.

The age of the Digital Nomad

Open borders with entrepreneurs collaborating on a global scale

Technology advancements in the last decade have made communication across borders an everyday occurrence. You can now open an app, click on a friend’s photo and chat with them no matter where they are. You could be sitting by the beach in a villa in Spain, while your team of loyal employees are working hard on the other side of the world. All you need is a device connected to wifi and you're good to go.

Every business is now a technology business. How amazing is it? It has truly transformed the way business is done and every organisation is screaming for people with technical capabilities.

Why would anyone want to work in the confines of an office cubicle? The internet has literally changed the game for everyone. It has enabled all of the great advancements of the 21st century and has completely shattered the old 9 to 5 corporate paradigm.

Make money online, anywhere...

There are literally endless possibilities if you want to make good money online. Especially if you know how to code. You can find clients from anywhere in the world, as the skills are in high demand.

For ths reason the Digital Nomad lifestyle is fast becoming a reality for an increasing number of people, particularly web developers.

If other people can do it, why can’t you?

They are no different from you. They are just people, doing something they enjoy. Most likely in an exotic location by a beach, working on whatever they want to work on.

You’re probably thinking something like “What the hell am I doing here?” Why am I not at an exotic location like Valencia, by a beach right now?

So, how do you become a Digital Nomad?

You learn how to code!
One of the most lucrative skills you can have in the 21st century.

Web and app developers are the highest paid digital nomads. Some earn upwards of US$15,000 dollars a month.

That sounds pretty good to me, especially if you’re living in a place that has a low cost of living like Thailand, Spain, South America or Africa. Most digital nomads live off $1000 a month.

Being able to code and build Web or Mobile applications is a skill set desperately needed all over the world and the demand is only going to increase in the coming years. As technology becomes more intertwined with our lives, the people who can create, update and maintain it will be the most sought after.

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Learn the fundamentals of web development by coding your own personal portfolio!
Or develop your very own e-commerce store!

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Invest in yourself and learn to code.

Prepare yourself for the future and turn your ideas into digital businesses. In this day and age, every business is a technology business in some form and if they aren’t currently, they will be soon.

We all know that the future is coming faster than ever. The advancements in AI and Blockchain in the coming years will have significant implications on the job market. More and more people will begin to lose their jobs to the march of automation technology.

You can’t stop it. Technology advancement won’t slow down for you.

All you can do is prepare yourself. So why not be well prepared for the future. Learn the skills now and live life on your terms.

All the necessary tools are there.

There have never been so many ways to make money as a freelance developer. You have sites like Upwork and Freelancer where people are actively looking for developers to build sites and apps for them. The people looking for coders or people with digital skills just want you to be able to help them, they don’t mind if you’re in Spain working on their projects. As long as you get it done they will be happy.

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Sick of your job? Learn how to code the main skills that give you the ability to transition into a life of adventure. This 3 week bootcamp comes weekly activities that allow you to experience the digital nomad lifestyle.

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Learn to code in spain with  the digital nomad bootcamp

Nothing says security like multiple streams of income.

Once you know how to code, this can easily become a reality. You begin to have ideas that you could develop for yourself, that can generate revenue.

You could develop a dropshipping e-commerce store for a client. Then think to yourself.

“Wait a minute, I could make a better version of this for myself.”

Then you think, "stuff it, I will!". Then you do and you make money from it. Then you do it again on another idea and another idea until you have multiple streams of revenue and are making money from clients at the same time. Building an empire for yourself.

All while living by a beach in an exotic location, that has cheap rent and great local food and culture to be experienced.

Take me for example, I (Marshall Gray) manage the development agency division of Digital Intelligence and teach coding. However, prior to launching Digital Intelligence, I built my own online clothing label DemNovelTees. I produced the shirts with a friend in my garage, then the business evolved into a drop shipping model when we found a way to have the shirts made without us having to do anything at all! The website I built takes the sales, my production team make and distribute the shirts for me.

I manage this business from anywhere in the world all from my phone! It has generated me over $60,000 profit since I started it at the end of 2015 and still generates me income to this day.

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Options for learning to code and become a digital nomad:

Option 1

You could teach yourself - this isn’t for everyone. It requires a significant amount of dedication as no one will be holding you accountable and you are more likely to get stuck on things that could take you a significant amount of time to figure out.

Plus, you will need to filter through all the resources out there and figure out where to even start. However, it can be done.

Option 2

You could do a 9 — 12 week Coding Bootcamp. These can teach you enough to start working on your own but bootcamps like this are extremely expensive usually costing upwards of $10K — $20K US dollars. You have to invest a minimum of 9 weeks of your time and still be up for accommodation costs, plus life expenses in the meantime. I wouldn't recommend it.

Option 3

Learn to code with Digital Intelligence in 3 weeks. The Digital Nomad Coding Experience is a 3 week, full time coding bootcamp that teaches its students how to code by designing, building and deploying web applications. You will learn how to code through practical, guided instructions from an experienced digital professional, Peter Argent, who has been teaching coding for 5 years.

Once you have learned to code at one of our exciting locations, like Valencia in Spain. You are given access to the Digital Intelligence learning management platform so you can continue to build your skills further upon completition of the bootcamp. With instructors only an email or skype call away. Doing all this while experiencing what it's really like to be a digital nomad with daily yoga sessions and fun activities all included in the price.

Download our Digital Nomad Bootcamp information pack

The digital nomad life is calling you. See the detailed itenerary of the 3 week digital nomad coding experience that is the Digital Nomad Bootcamp. Learn to code by building a two sided market place like Airbnb. With activities like a day trip to the Montanejos Hot springs in the Spainish countryside.

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Become your own boss

Now, I have a slight problem with authority and would hate to have a “Boss” and I’m assuming a good portion of the population do too. Digital skills, like coding, are great because once you have them, you can become your own boss very quickly. This is because there is so much work out there for developers. It’s crazy.

If you know how to sell yourself and your services there is always an opportunity around the corner. Maybe you want to develop your own ideas. Maybe you want to know enough so you could manage a team of outsourced developers who will work on projects for you. Maybe you want to work for a company in a remote location. Now all of this is possible when you know how to code and can be learnt quickly if you have experienced people guiding you.

This may seem like a daunting thing. You’re learning something new that you may know very little about currently. But, like anything in life, if you want it hard enough, you’ll get it. You just need to set the goal, commit to doing it and you will achieve it! Once you make that first step, you are already on the way.

The Digital Nomad Life

Code your way to freedom

Escape the 9 to 5

The old 9 to 5 paradigm is dead. Work when you want, where you want. Make the transition into the future of work now and experience life on your terms.

Experience the world

There's a whole world out there waiting to be explored. When you are a digital nomad you get to experience it. The ancient cultures, the tasty food, the interesting lifestyle.

Live like a local

When you study with DI in Valencia, you have the option to stay with a host family. Gain an insight into Spainish culture and daily life.

Get creative

Once you are a confident coder, it's like you have a super power. You are able to innovate as you now have the ability to create through technology.

Solve problems

Technology has the ability to solve all the worlds problems and the people who create technology are problem solvers. Become a problem solver by learning to code.

Make a difference

Once you know how to code you will be able to make a difference in the lives of others. Learn to code and code a difference in the world.

What are you waiting for?

Invest in yourself and be prepared for the future. Download an information pack below for further information on our courses and becoming a digital nomad.

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