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About Digital Intelligence

Learning should be fun. We carefully design our coding courses for maximum learning and enjoyment. Gaining technology skills can be challenging and intimidating — let our caring and passionate teachers guide you on your learning journey.

The team at Digital Intelligence are excited about the opportunities technology gives us all and wants to help you take advantage of them.

We encourage diversity, inclusion and entrepreneurship.

Our students

Our students are the reason we love what we do.

Digital Intelligence classes are filled with interesting people from diverse backgrounds who have made the decision to better themselves and learn a challenging yet powerful skill. They see the value that technology creation skills will give them, whether to advance their career or solve real world challenges by building their own tech startup.

Come and join the Digital Intelligence community and be inspired by the motivated and determined people in your class.

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Our courses are designs to give you the digital knowledge needed to advance your career or build a startup.


We work with organisations worldwide to bring technology education and opportunity to all.

Custom web development

Whether you're building a new startup or app for an existing business. We can help design, build, and deploy.

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