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solve problems and
be digitally intelligent

# Education that pays

Secure your future with digital skills

City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain

Coding workshops

# anyone can do it!

Find out what coding is all about with these fun and practical workshops. Bring your laptop!

Coding skills
for a better life

# One day workshop

95 €

45 € for people under 26

Will learning to code help you be more successful and live a better life?

  • Build a web page
  • Create a chatbot
  • Build a simple Facebook
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for everyone

# 3 hour workshop


Anyone can do it and it's fun!
This is a hands on, practical workshop so bring your laptop.

  • Web design (HTML & CSS)
  • Try Ruby programming
  • Use developer tools
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Having fun, coding with friends

We make learning fun!

# Digital Skills are the Future

Have you tried learning to code on your own? If you have, you most likely have struggled with motivation and confusing tutorials.

Let the friendly teachers at Digital Intelligence Institute make the learning journey fun and fruitful.

About Digital Intelligence Institute

Digital Business Training

# make money online!

Keep your day job while building your internet empire.


# Two week intensive

990 €

495 € for people under 26

  • Build a business website
  • Launch an online store
  • Digital marketing
  • Design a digital product
  • Social media management
  • Search engine optimisation
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Digital Product Design & Development

# One week intensive + Online

490 €

295 € for people under 26

  • Object Oriented Ruby
  • Database design
  • UX design
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Build four apps
  • Build your own idea
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Be a success story

# Design your future with technology skills

The technology revolution has only just begun. There are millions of opportunities waiting for you. Digital skills are all you need.

Whether you want to make a fortune, or want to change the world, coding is a very valuable skill to learn.

A successful and happy coder